Help Us Find Less-Harmful Strains of Coronavirus

The SANE Project wishes to test healthy people from the United States for coronavirus (COVID-19). Our goal is to find "attenuated" or less-harmful versions of the virus, which are caused by natural mutations. We do not wish to test those who have been severely ill – the goal is to find a less-severe version of the virus.

Those who take part will help us do very important work. If a sufficiently attenuated strain is found, we may be able to develop a vaccine more quickly or as an alternative in case current vaccine efforts fail, and/or lessen the harm from Phase III and challenge trials of in-development vaccines.

Seeking Collaborators

Please note: we are seeking collaborators to help make this happen. As of right now, we are not ready or able to provide testing kits to help us continue our research. Please contact us if you can help.

Natural vs Lab Attenuated Strains


Our desired process would go like this:

  • The best candidates for getting tested will have had mild or no symptoms at all. We do not wish to test people who are very sick.
  • Answer a few questions. We ask that a parent or guardian fill out the questions and forms for people under the age of 18.
  • SANE will have a swab kit delivered to participants, which will include directions on how to take the swab and return it to us in a triple-sealed package for safety.
  • SANE swabs will be tested for coronavirus.

Please note that being a part of SANE does not take the place of medical care. If you or the person you are filling this out for is severely ill, such as having trouble breathing, please contact a doctor or healthcare provider right away.

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